Save a Hemlock in the Green River Gorge

$30 = the cost of treating and saving
3 Green River Gorge hemlock trees for 5 years.

Save a tree

Save the Green River Hemlocks

The eastern hemlocks of our Green River Gorge are under attack by the hemlock woolly adelgid, an exotic invasive insect that will kill most of our region’s hemlock trees within the decade unless action is taken.

That’s where the Paddlers Hemlock Health Action Taskforce or PHHAT comes in. We’re experienced kayakers and dedicated conservationists committed to saving the remaining eastern hemlocks of the Green River Gorge.

You can help too. The cost to treat 1 tree from HWA for five or more years is $10. If you donate $30, you help protect 3 trees.

Check out the PHHAT video.

Follow the PHHAT team of expert kayakers for a day down the challenging whitewater of the Green River Gorge to treat threatened hemlock trees from the scourge of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid